Studio. From pencil to computer, paint to clay

When Codex is asked to define her creative skills she often describes herself as a multimedia artist and contrary to current definitions of that phrase, it seeks to explain how her creative genius is not confined to a single medium.

She is equally comfortable with pencil and sketch pad, as she is with her full size tablet and the Corel and Adobe software that she uses in the digital world. And when she switches to the third dimension that clay brings to her mind , her hands create shapes with such ease and dexterity that you would think she was an expert in sculpting for many years.

She has (and continues to) expand the media she works in, not so much as an endeavor to conquer any specific media, but as a means to express her creativity in new dimensions. So, now when she begins a project, whether from an original concept or in response to a specific request, she finds herself largely unconfined by specifc medium limitations and works her concept to its best and most natural conclusion.

If you have a creative concept that you would like to run to ground, let Codex get involved at the creative /conceptual stage and explore how the project could reach its best conclusion for you. Working with an artist that is truly open to a broad assortment of media, can give your concept the right perspective for its best delivery.